Preventative Services

Effectively maximize the life and performance of your transmission by replacing worn out fluid.

Includes up to 12 quarts of new ATF fluid

And More!

Bundle Deals

Save $40

Any Four Additional Services with Full Service

Save $30

Any Two Additional Services with Full Service

Save $30

Full Service with fuel filter replacement and fuel system service.

Save $20

Full Service with transmission service.

Engine Flush: $59.99

Removes sludge, gum, and varnish deposits to improve lubrication and prolong engine life.

Gear Box Service: $66.99+

Replaces differential, transfer case, or manual transmission oil. Includes up to 5 pints of mineral based gear oil. * Add $20 for synthetic oil.

Serpentine Belt Replacement: $69.99+

Air Conditioning Recharge: $121.99+

Air Filter Replacement: $12.99+

Fuel Filter Replacements: $59.99+

Cabin Air Filter Replacement: $29.99+

Wiper Blade Replacement (ea): $15.99+

Light Bulb Replacement: $11.99