Additional Lube Services

Preventative Services

Effectively maximize the life and performance of your transmission by replacing worn out fluid.

Includes up to 12 quarts of new ATF fluid

And More!

Bundle Deals

Save $40

Any Four Additional Services with Full Service

Save $30

Any Two Additional Services with Full Service

Save $30

Full Service with fuel filter replacement and fuel system service.

Save $20

Full Service with transmission service.

Engine Flush: $59.99

Removes sludge, gum, and varnish deposits to improve lubrication and prolong engine life.

Aquapel Windshield Treatment: $24.99

An advanced windshield treatment designed to dramatically improve visibility in rain. Lasts up to six times longer than other glass treatments.

Gear Box Service: $64.99+

Replaces differential, transfer case, or manual transmission oil. Includes up to 5 pints of mineral based gear oil. * Add $20 for synthetic oil.

Serpentine Belt Replacement: $69.99+

Air Conditioning Recharge: $119.99

Air Filter Replacement: $12.99+

Fuel Filter Replacements: $59.99+

Cabin Air Filter Replacement: $29.99+

Wiper Blade Replacement (ea): $13.99+

Light Bulb Replacement: $9.99+