Environment and Innovation

We do Our Part for the Planet

We have been rewarded for our environmentally safe process and work to conserve water at all of our locations.

Using cutting-edge car wash technology, we reclaim and conserve water, preventing chemicals from being dumped into local waterways. When you wash your car at home, you use significantly more water, and all the asphalt, antifreeze, grease, engine and brake residue, oil, rust and asbestos that may come off your car during the wash process flows directly into the public storm drain system. This can clog storm drains and harm our wildlife and ecosystems.

By washing at Metro Express, you can feel good about washing your car and taking care of our planet.

Innovation is a Metro Hallmark

Our convenient Metro Pass uses only the most cutting-edge technology to help you get back to your day faster. When you’re a Metro Pass holder, your custom RFID tag allows you to be automatically recognized each time you visit the wash. Skip the line, any unnecessary interaction, and having to pay every time with a monthly Metro Pass plan.

Gentle Wash Solutions

Metro uses eco-friendly, gentle wash solutions that are biodegradable. We use special formulations to ensure you’re receiving only the highest-quality wash.

We offer Ceramic Shield, which delivers a superior shine and extends the life of vehicle finishes by building a polymer barrier that impedes the penetration of heat and airborne acids onto the surface and makes contaminants easier to remove..

Ride Metro Clean

The Metro Pass is your golden ticket to unlimited washes. Wash as often as you’d like, any time you’d like, each month for one low monthly payment. Skip the line and shine all the time when you sign up today!