Company History

Our family has been in the business of washing cars and helping our guests feel good while protecting their investment for over 50 years. Since our founder started, beginning in 1969, we have continually tried to find new and better ways to provide quick, efficient service and a great VALUE PROPOSITION for our guests.

Our success can be attributed to our fantastic associates and operating partners. Our family has built and operated car washes in California, Arizona, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Idaho, Washington and Montana. Serving our guests at our car washes is our passion.

Metro Express has been a leader in the car washing industry for many years because we listen to our customers. We are continually innovating and refining our wash because we believe that it’s important to be a role model in the car washing industry. We’re grateful for our loyal customers and rely on their “word of mouth” recommendations that have kept our business growing. We’re committed to giving you not just a car wash, but a delightful car washing experience.

Our Values

OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE: To provide a memorable feel-good experience and value that exceeds expectation.

Passion For Service

Serving our customers with a Metro wash – a car wash with old fashioned hospitality, manners and courtesy. Being energetic and fun, while providing a different customer experience and respecting our customers, team and our neighbors.


Owning our contributions to the success or failure of the team. Living out honesty, authenticity, trustworthiness and integrity in our daily lives.


Our commitment to taking the long view and the high road. Seeing that the rewards of today are the result of the hard work and perseverance we invested yesterday.

Fun Facts

  • We led the International Car Wash Association to adopt Associate Training programs for car wash staff.
  • Our founder has been inducted into The Car Wash Hall of Fame.
  • Metro was historically one of the first car washes to offer a touchless option for our customers, and we’ve been a pioneer in improving wash efficiency.
  • We were among the first car washes to offer free vacuums.
  • We were one of the earliest adopters of health coverage and retirement benefits for all our associates.
  • We’ve been awarded by the city of meridian for our environmentally-friendly wash process.

Community Efforts

We think the communities we serve are just swell. Visit our Community & Fundraising page to find out more about how we get involved!


Metro Express utilizes environmentally friendly water systems and gentle washing solutions. Visit our Environment & Innovation page to learn more about our cutting-edge technology and water-saving systems.